Saturday, August 29, 2009

Provide me with a choice or Dammit i won't go into your Pub

Howdy Folks

this weeks Blog is about the selection of beers (or lack thereof) in two of my local pubs, these pubs are not worlds apart, they are just a 200m walk from each other, their clientele are approximately in the same age and wage bracket, yet one pub refuses to bring in the beer i have been asking for with years lets call this pub 2 with the other pub being pub 1, it's not too much of a request, all i want is some bottles of a wheat beer for summer drinking.

It is not the lack of beer that annoys me today, what annoys me today is the fact that Pub 2 have been refusing my request for approximately five years without even flinching, so i then moved to pub 1 who after the relatively small time frame of about two months have brought in two widely available wheat beers in the form of Paulaner and Erdinger. this has led to me now exclusively drinking in pub 1 for at least six months, it has been mutually beneficial for both I and the pub owner who is very pleased with the sale of Paulaner.

Here is the really annoying bit, the owner of pub 2 has been stopping me in the street asking why i do not frequent his bar any more, when i tell him in plain English he says "i can't sell that here nobody would buy it" My face fills with rage every time, Why ask me? if he knows why i don't drink there and is unwilling to do anything about it!!!!

Sorry about the rant,

BTW both of these pubs are in east cork, i will not name them here on principle, if you wish to find out who they are please feel free to e-mail me.




  1. Calm down, calm down, just make some yourself :)

  2. i am going making some myself but i'm out of beer at the mo, just polished off my corny keg tonight, will have to drink commercial/microbrew beers for the next few weeks

  3. "i can't sell that here nobody would buy it"

    Answer: I would have bought it and in time I would have gone through a few cases.

    It's bottles of beer not fresh vegetables, it won't go off in a hurry.

  4. I am not huge beer fan, but I do like certain flavored beers. Although, I love wine! I find that either or makes as great gifts if they are wrapped up in a nice basket. I love giving out wine gifts