Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Have nothing to blog about !!!!! except beer (Clotworthy Dobbin/Hopfen Weisse)

Due to a severe Overspend with my credit card and other miscellaneous bills all coming through at once i have been unable to brew since the middle of November 2008. thankfully though I had done two brews at once then and still have limited supplies left over. I'm planning on getting my brewing apron back on in the middle of March, thank jeebus for that.

the massive Overspend has also crippled my ability to socialise as much as i once used to so trying new beers has become a once or twice a month thing.

I've tried a beer which is loved by many a beer drinker over on . this beer is called Clotworthy Dobbin and is brewed by a Belfast Brewery "whitewater" . to be fair I've tried this beer twice now just in case my palette had been adversely affected the first time, sadly it was not affected as much as i had hoped.

After much praise for this beer i was left gobsmacked by the lack of taste, don't get me wrong the beer is very good just not as good as i thought it would be, there was a good spicy nose off the beer once poured into an appropriate glass an there was a taste of honey and a very slight grapefruit tang off the hops. Like many "great" films i personally think that this beer has been overrated and over hyped. my final thoughts on this beer are "very good if not exceptional, i would happily buy this beer again".

My other Beer to talk about has swiftly become one of my favourite beers, this is the ever beautiful Hopfen Weisse from Schneider/Brooklyn, this beer has an immense presence when poured with the Huge Citrus Nose hitting you before you have even attempted to sample it. it is hard to describe why i like this beer it could be the shade of amber it pours or the fluffy head which forms on top or maybe it is the US hops i don't know but the overall experience is mind blowing plenty of spices and interesting flavours to keep anyone happy. my final thoughts "yes please barman I'll have another".

That's all for now thanks for reading

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update Finally Complete

Ok We have finally Updated the Drishane Brewery Website.

the Updates are small but until i get a better internet connection i'm afraid thats how it has to be.

Among the changes are:

new pictures: these pictures depict the drishane brewery daytrip to the cork city gaol (jail) and some random night out pics that have been taken over the last month or so.

Change of Blog: yes it's true this is now the official blog of the drishane brewery crew. after much deliberation we felt that this was the best platform on which to run the drishane brewery blog.

That's about all the changes for tonight but with the blog now onine here obviously we will be able to keep you updated on a much more regular basis.

I would like to thank The Beer Nut for his much appreciated encouragement on our joining the blogosphere.

once again that's all for tonight i'm gonna go enjoy a bottle of I Dunno Either now


Support Local Music

Howdy Guys

Just thought i'd bring ye up to speed with the local music scene by throwing up a link to the new video for James Mc Grath, this is a great song that James Recorded @ Claycastle studios in youghal. As always we @ the drishane brewery like to support any Local talent on the music scene.

the video can be seen @

Also Why not Visit James's website @

that's all for now, happy listening