Monday, February 2, 2009

Update Finally Complete

Ok We have finally Updated the Drishane Brewery Website.

the Updates are small but until i get a better internet connection i'm afraid thats how it has to be.

Among the changes are:

new pictures: these pictures depict the drishane brewery daytrip to the cork city gaol (jail) and some random night out pics that have been taken over the last month or so.

Change of Blog: yes it's true this is now the official blog of the drishane brewery crew. after much deliberation we felt that this was the best platform on which to run the drishane brewery blog.

That's about all the changes for tonight but with the blog now onine here obviously we will be able to keep you updated on a much more regular basis.

I would like to thank The Beer Nut for his much appreciated encouragement on our joining the blogosphere.

once again that's all for tonight i'm gonna go enjoy a bottle of I Dunno Either now



  1. No worries. And using a proper blogging platform makes life so much easier. Until you start wanting to add pictures. Then you'll want to go and burn down Google headquarters.

  2. Nice site. Good to see another "startup" homebrew blogger. I'll be blogrolling you this afternoon.

    Hope the faster internet connection comes through soon...