Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i'm still alive (after the Munster Meet)

OK i know i've not been blogging enough recently or ever for that matter, the reason for this is that between work, the hour long commute each way, various deliveries my boss asks me to do, family errands to be run, babysitting my nephew and of course drinking beer with the lads.

Any how i have decided to write up a blog now on what i remember from the recent Munster ICB tasting session in the Bierhaus Cork. All started well on the evening about half past seven on the 26th June 2009 i and one of the drishane brewery crew Morgan arrived @ The Bierhaus, Here we met several members of the ICB Munster Branch including, Wallicebiy + Brother, Taf, Neils, Ger Cork, Rebel, Paudie and Peter form The Franciscan Well dropped by aswell (if i've missed anybody Sorry but i was probably too inebriated to remember you being there). the session was great, there was a fine selection of beers on show from the homebrewers and Ger Cork brought along some v nice craft brews aswell. there were some stand out beers for me, I really liked Wallicebiy's Shed stout, and Taf's Cider was v nice too (sorry can't say the same for the cranberry drink), as always Neils arrived with some V tasty and V strong Beer (needless to say i loved it).

the evening was peppered with random chatter and some good info on homebrewing techniques, thanks rebel, Wallicebiy, and Peter from The Well for this. all in all i had a great (read Drunken) night, Thanks to everyone involved who organises events such as these I.E. Rebel, Ger Cork, Dave from The Bierhaus and thanks to everyone for coming along to make the night such a success. Cheers Everyone

that's it from me until next time.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

What should i do?

planning on brewing either of these tomorrow sunday the 14th june 09, both very similar APA's


4.75kg maris otter pale malt
0.10kg crystal malt
0.20kg Honey
16g Centennial whole hops Approx 10% @60
50g Cascade whole hops approx 5.5% @15
50g Cascade hhole hops approx 5.5% @5

Safale s-04 yeast


3.54kg maris otter pale malt
0.04kg crystal malt
0.88kg Honey
23g Centennial whole hops Approx 10% @60
15g Cascade whole hops approx 5.5% @15
15g Cascade hhole hops approx 5.5% @1

Safale s-04 yeast

has anyone any suggestions or opinions on which i should do?