Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me Again,

not much happening lately in the drishane brewery camp, no outings planned for this weekend but we will be doing an update to our site including new pics and possibly some video's.

on another note i have absolutely no idea whether anyone has actually found this blog yet so if you have let us know.

on a lighter note Morgan one of the drishane brewery crew has injured himself while comically falling over while drunk. the doctors have said that it my be a chipped bone i'm not sure which one but it's definitely connected to his left arm somehow.

ok that's all for now i'll probably post again tonight when the site update is done


Monday, January 26, 2009

Howdy again,
Interesting couple of days in the drishane brewery camp, this Saturday we embarked on a drinking session in the bierhaus in cork city(great bar). had a good fill there including the ever georgeous drink "Ayinger Celebrator" one of my favourites- being had at the end of our stay there, afterwards we travelled to the Quad Bar on Tuckey St where we had one too many Paulaner and stumbled home with a quick trip to Hillbilly's fried chicken on the way home.

On Sunday morning/afternoon we arose to go view the Munster Rugby match which was fantastic a good solid win, after which we paid a t to the Cork city gaol (old Cork city Jail), very interesting tour there with some creepy parts like locking yourself into one of the Cells for a few minutes, after our antics on saturday night we didn't really feel like having more beer on sunday which is just as well as i would be driving later in the evening and I don't agree with drinking even one pint and driving afterward.

All in All a good time was had, and hopefully some pictures will be posted on in the near future.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello and welcome to the first Online Blog Thingy from us here at the Drishane Brewery, This is my first Attempt at a legitimate Blog, i know, i know, you are asking how on earth did you survive without a blog, to which i reply "i dunno".

This blog is mainly to promote the Drishane Brewery Website before you all leave i would like to point out that the drishane brewery is not ctually a commercially operating brewery but is a front for a homebrewer (me) and his buddies who like to drink his free beer (the lads). the website is often used to post pictures of my latest project or brew and to post some usually silly and shaky pictures of the drishane brewery crew doing what we do best (getting drunk and having a laugh).

Hopefully what this blog will be used for will provide an amusing insight into Our world including stories about the nights out and naturally about the beer. anyhoo that's all for now folks