Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello and welcome to the first Online Blog Thingy from us here at the Drishane Brewery, This is my first Attempt at a legitimate Blog, i know, i know, you are asking how on earth did you survive without a blog, to which i reply "i dunno".

This blog is mainly to promote the Drishane Brewery Website before you all leave i would like to point out that the drishane brewery is not ctually a commercially operating brewery but is a front for a homebrewer (me) and his buddies who like to drink his free beer (the lads). the website is often used to post pictures of my latest project or brew and to post some usually silly and shaky pictures of the drishane brewery crew doing what we do best (getting drunk and having a laugh).

Hopefully what this blog will be used for will provide an amusing insight into Our world including stories about the nights out and naturally about the beer. anyhoo that's all for now folks


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