Monday, January 26, 2009

Howdy again,
Interesting couple of days in the drishane brewery camp, this Saturday we embarked on a drinking session in the bierhaus in cork city(great bar). had a good fill there including the ever georgeous drink "Ayinger Celebrator" one of my favourites- being had at the end of our stay there, afterwards we travelled to the Quad Bar on Tuckey St where we had one too many Paulaner and stumbled home with a quick trip to Hillbilly's fried chicken on the way home.

On Sunday morning/afternoon we arose to go view the Munster Rugby match which was fantastic a good solid win, after which we paid a t to the Cork city gaol (old Cork city Jail), very interesting tour there with some creepy parts like locking yourself into one of the Cells for a few minutes, after our antics on saturday night we didn't really feel like having more beer on sunday which is just as well as i would be driving later in the evening and I don't agree with drinking even one pint and driving afterward.

All in All a good time was had, and hopefully some pictures will be posted on in the near future.


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