Sunday, July 5, 2009

Belgians!! Born in the USA?

Tonight folks im gonna drink two Belgians who hail from the USA, I've been lucky enough to get my hands on two Belgian style ales produced by Goose Island, the first one I'm having is Matilda 2009 bottled on the 1/4/09 as the americans would write it.

Appearance: honey like in colour, with a lovely head that disappears quite quickly.

Smell: typically belgian tones with some banana and orange in there, mainly banana.

Taste: sweet with not too much hop character. ( i couldn't even notice the alc content even though it is 7%)

Mouthfeel: has plenty of carbonation that is not immediately noticeable from looking at the beer (no head) it is light and very enjoyable, i would definitely drink this again.

My second beer of the night is again from Goose Island, Pere Jacques 2009 is a very nice beer made in the style of a Belgian dubbel,

Apperance: a reddish amber colour, lighter than most belgian dubbels that i've had. slight tan head to begin with which once again Quickly disappears to leave just a little few patches of bubble where the carbonation is rising.

Smell: once again a very belgian scent with ripe summer fruits and banana evident with a hint of malt at the end.

Taste:Much the same as the scent although it is evident that this beer is more alcholic @ 9% than the last.

Mouthfeel: similar to the previous beer with plenty of carbonation, this beer is more chewy with a stronger and heavier feel than Matilda. nt particularly what i lke in a dubbel but it is very drinkable all the same.



  1. If it were not for the head I would think I am looking at wine. Even the bottles look like wine bottles until you notice the cap.

  2. Yeah it does look like a wine, that head is V misleading, in both drinks it disappeared quickly, at first i thought it was my glass but then i read similar reports from others who had tried these beers

  3. Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda come waltzing with me. That's the Ozzie bit done lol Good stuff. Looks like fancy beer to me though lol How are tricks in beer house?

  4. bierhaus is fine as far as i know, haven't been in there in weeks, my weekends have been full of family commitments recently, goin to dublin next week so that should be fun, hopefully the bierhaus the week after that. it is fancy beer but it is gorgeous, hows jeffery? haven't heard from him in ages!!!

  5. Ah that has to be done too, family is important so they say. How did you get on in Dublin? Jeffery is good. He has been quiet, has the head down getting on with work and saving lol