Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BIY 2009 (Brew It Yourself) beer fuelled fun

Howdy folks Back Again to tell all of you about BIY 2009, the event ran between the hours of 2pm and 8 pm on the 18th of April 2009 @ The Franciscan Well Brewery, 14a North mall, Cork, Ireland.

The event was Run by Irish Craft Brewer and Franciscan Well in conjunction with the Bull and Castle gastropub in Dublin. Also in attendance were who i consider to be the best home brew suppliers on the Irish market The Home Brew Company.

The collaboration of all the A fore Mentioned organising bodies made the day a great success (the weather helped a little too). there were many ICB members in attendance who were willing and able to give some sterling advice to any new brewers and also to give advice to each other over the course of the day.

The Main event of the day though was the Beer Tasting, One of the ICB members Aleman Brought along his portable bar setup to which he had connected two Cornelius Kegs of Gorgeous Beer, Along with these two beers SBillings had brought along a Cornelius Keg of beer which too was connected to Alemans Portable bar Setup and was very well received by all who drank it, along with these kegs there was a plethora of bottled beers, most notably some in the corner which went off like a volcanoe when opened, after the Gushing though it was a damn nice Dubbel.

as the beer tasting was progressing so were the two Brews which were being made in the corner, one was being produced by Peter and Paudie of The Franciscan Well and I was making the other, Peter and Paudie were making a homebrew version of the house favourite Rebel Red, and I was Making a very impromptu stout/porter/brown ale without the aid of measuring equipment i still don't know which this is gonna turn out to be. a good few people found this part of the expo interesting although not as interesting as the tasty free beer.

The lads from The Home Brew Company had set up shop near the free beer area and seemed to be doing a good trade in starter kits and high quality all malt kits. BTW lads thanks for Sponsoring the ingredients for my impromptu brew, much appreciated.

At the end of the day we had served a load of mythbusting beer, brewed two batches of all grain and Hopefully started a lot of homebrewers on their way to great beer made in the comfort of their own home/brewing area.

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  1. That volcanic dubbel was mine. It was a great fun day and great to see so much interest in homebrew. I think the smell of your brewing drew many people in. I hope it turns out ok, I'm sure it will as it had so many brewers looking at it.

    Great post about a great day.

  2. Fair play for the impromptu brew. That's the kind of thing that gives people a real taste of what it's about. It's work, but fun! :)

    I really should have flown over for the weekend... First major ICB gig and I'm not there :(

  3. Ah so it was your dubbel, i didn't want to say in case i got the wrong person, credit given for the good beer.

    Pity you couldn't make it adeptus but i'm sure after this one there will be plenty more, after all gotta get the money's worth outta the banner. by the way the banner is brilliant really gave the bar area a bit of presence.

  4. That sounds good. Wish I was there :( But I'm stuck here in Oz where my money lasts twice as long and the sun is shining down on me while I'm relaxing on the beach lol
    I might get one of those kits when I make it home, Glenbower Brewery will be made a reality.
    Good stuff beeristhereason. Thanks for the informative posts. It's like I was there :)

  5. I love home brewing. whenever i get free time I never miss an opportunity to get myself involved in home brewing.