Saturday, March 14, 2009

beer tasting, Baltika 8, Baltika 6, Fullers ESB, Black Sheep Emmerdale Ale

Howdy Folks, Back Again with some more beer tastings, in this post i will be going over my tasting notes from four beers as stated in the title. so ets get started eh?

First up Baltika 8 Hefe-Weizen:
powerful spicy nose with hints of citrus fruits,possible clove. this fades with time.

On first taste there is little or nothing to talk about except a mild clove aftertaste which doesn't really last,a few tastes later and i'm afraid that there is little more to add except a rather unpleasant tang before the clove.

this beer has little to no body and feels very light in the mouth, i am not impressed, having tried various Baltika beers in the past i feel that this has generally summed up the brand for me, not good.

@5% alc by volume i was expecting more from this beer but was sorely disappointed. My final word: i definitely would not buy this beer again, just plain nasty.

Next up is another from Baltika their Baltika 6 Porter:
Good malty nose with a distinct lack of roasty aromas.

on Initial tasting there is a strong malt flavour slightly bittersweet, unusual but not bad aftertaste which once again fades Quickly, this is definitely a porter but seems to me to lack any special destinctivness that would set it apart from any other standard porter.the same unpleasant tang as the baltika 8 appears after the third swig. it may be something to do with the ingredients or por storage i'm not sure.

once again there is little body to this beer a bit too easy to drink for such a malty flavour.

with it's 7% alc by volume this is the strongest beer of the post but it sure doesn't feel like it. my final word: of all the baltika beers i've tried this is the best although it still falls short of the mark when compared to some of its competitors.

Next up is a beer made Fullers this beer i liked Fullers ESB:
light floral nose with fruity berry like aroma with a not too heavy malt backbone.

good hop profile (from which my inexperienced palatte cannot distinguish one hop from another) with a light lasting bitterness smooth and easy to drink.

this beer has good body which is not overly heavy nor overly light, i see this beer as an evening beer, maybe not session strength but close enough.

@ 5.9% alc by volume this beer is perfect for chilling out in the evening and reflecting on your day, my final word is: a superb beer which excels in many areas but fails to point out in which one it excels most.

the final beer of my post is a Gimmick from Black Sheep Brewery it is their Emmerdale Fine Dales Ale:
light to nonexistant aroma with little or nothing to offer me, very faint scent of malt.

Bland and uneventful much like the show itself, I keep waiting for the Plane to crash and kill off the dullness but alas it hasn't.

body is once again pretty standard not great not terrible, once again i'm not impressed but in regard to this beer i'm not sorely disappointed, In My Opinion this is a gimmick beer, designed for the masses of bland, soap opera watching, yellow water swilling, people.

the Alc content is pretty average too 4.2% by Volume but that was to be expected, my final word: probably fine for the wollpack but certainly not for me.

well that's me for this post if you have been affected by any of the views or opinions expressed in this post please leave a comment.

if you feel that i have been too harsh on a particular beer or not harsh enough please feel free to leave a comment.

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